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Makuya Traditional Culture and Performing Arts Festival

01 Jan 2016 - 31 Dec 2016

This is a music, dance and cultural festival held annually in Mtwara and hosted by the tribesmen of Makonde, Makua  and Yao.


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Tanzania hotels and tours

Welcome to Tanzania!

It is not hard to see why Tanzania ranks high on places to visit in your lifetime - with the vast Serengeti and its abundant wildlife, the idyllic island of Zanzibar, the lofty reaches of the Kilimanjaro, and the intriguing Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania has a lot to offer and many great Tanzania hotels. With some of the world's best safari destinations, over 33,000 sq km of national parks and wildlife reserves, there is more land dedicated to wildlife here than anywhere else in the world.

From highlands, craters, national parks, to reserves and even the reefs, everything is well protected by law, ensuring that these pristine locales retain their vitality down the years.

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The plains of the Serengeti are the habitat for 35 mammal species and a variety of birds. The wildebeest and zebra roam the 14,763 sq km of this national park touted to be the best in all of Africa. The reserve at Selous is bigger than the country of Switzerland and covers a sixth of the land area of Tanzania. Clearly, wildlife and safaris are central to Africa's life and livelihood, and as a result there are a number of places to stay for its visitors. Arusha is the best place to organise safaris and Tanzania tours to the Serengeti and the Ngorngoro Crater National Parks.

The erstwhile capital and a key port for Tanzania, Dar es Salaam is where most journeys into the great unknown of this country begin, and where you can organise a tour of Tanzania. Conveniently located, and with some great Tanzania hotels, the city forms a good base to explore Zanzibar and the new capital Dodoma. Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,341 ft), the most prized mountain of Africa and a tourist magnet, is a short trip away. Beach holidays are also easy if you make Dar es Salaam your base, allowing you to spend time at Mjimwena, Mbwa Maji and Kunduchi.

Unlike the big game country on the mainland, Zanzibar - a peaceful paradise on the Indian Ocean - is an idyllic island destination which has a remarkable history that blends stories of the spice trade and slavery.

Wherever a visitor chooses to go in Tanzania, there is a secret waiting to be discovered, a treasure waiting to be found and an adventure waiting to happen. You can use our Tanzania map to choose the best location for your hotel in Tanzania and ensure your perfect holiday. And whilst in Tanzania you should use your holiday to explore other great African destinations like Mauritius, Kenya, Madagascar, and South Africa.

Caring for the destinations in which we work is a core whl.travel value. You too can make a difference by booking from local businesses that care. Look for accommodation and tours displaying the round green caring for the destination icon shown here...

Welcome to Tanzania!

Tanzania hotels team

A collective hello and welcome from all of our local connections in Tanzania! Each of our Tanzanian websites are locally owned and operated by people who are passionate and committed to sustainable tourism. Our contacts are familiar with their destination in a way that only a local could be and they are ready to give you all their insider tips about the best hotels to book and the most thrilling tours to take. Browse through our various destinations and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your holiday in the amazing Tanzania!




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